Background Information

The basic ground-rule of all high-quality translations is that they should be done by a native speaker of the target language. With the exception of a tiny number of truly bilingual people, who have been exposed to two languages since early infancy, people only have one native language. Translations done into a non-native language of the translator can usually be detected by a native-speaking reader. The quality of such non-native translations is often very poor.

Our Service

Our translations from German into English are carried out by Mark Wigfall, an English native speaker from southern England who lives in Germany, is a qualified English teacher, and teaches Business English at various universities and technical colleges in Göttingen and the Harz region. He has been successfully running the Business English World translation service since 1996. Translations from English into German are performed by Dietrich Wanke, a German native speaker who also has considerable experience as a freelance translator.

We will translate almost any kind of text for you, but our particular specializations are texts to do with solar heating, photovoltaics, wind energy, biomass, agriculture, natural sciences, business correspondence and technology. Please get in touch; we will be happy to advise you.

Contact us:

Mark Wigfall: Phone from Germany: 05322 7807008

Phone from outside Germany: 0049 5322 7807008

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